Is my download available immediately?

Yes.  All digital downloads should be available to download directly upon completion of purchase.  If you can't find your purchase after you check out, go to your account page and locate the download in your "Past Puchases" link.

I've downloaded my purchase, but can't print it.

 All files are loaded into .zip files so they are easier to download on the Internet.  You will need to unzip the product folder, otherwise you won't be able to copy/edit the files (if you don't unzip, you can only preview the files)
How to unzip..
If you're using windows:
Right click on the zip folder, then choose "Extract all.."
(remember where you save the files, so can easy find the files later)
If you're using mac:
Double click the zip folder. Create a new folder, and move the zip into there. Then use terminal and the command line "unzip" command
You can then print directly from your computer's picture print program.
Your Site says you accept Credit Cards but I don't see how to enter my information.
The website will take credit cards, but uses paypal as the credit card processor.  
When you are ready, go to the Checkout page and click on the "Paypal" payment selection.  Proceed to check out. The process will take you to Paypal website to pay.  Click on the "Don't Have a Paypal Account?" link.  This will take you to a place that you can enter your Visa information.
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